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Fahad Mustafa Reacts To Feroze Khan’s Decision Of Quitting Showbiz & Also Reveals What Makes Him Hate Tik Tok

The powerhouse of talent, Fahad Mustafa is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in our industry. Having enchanting the audience with his unparalleled acting chops right from his debut with Umrao Jaan Ada to entertaining on silver screens, he proved his mettle as versatile actor. He has always proved to be a pride for Pakistan. Known for his friendly nature he manages to gain huge fan following all around the world. Not only an actor, he is also donning the hate of a host and producer. He roars up with his acting prowess every time he is seen on screen. Extremely selective about his body of work, he always prefers quality over quantity. There is no doubt that Fahad adds a certain quirkiness to his performances. There are a lot of people look up to him to draw inspiration from him.

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As we know that the Feroze Khan, who is one of the most sought-after actors from the current lot, is making in headlines from the last one month. And of-course for all the good reasons. The Khaani actor announced his exit from show business to dedicate his life to spreading the message of Islam. In his social media statement Feroze Khan said, “My fans have been waiting for a statement from me. I announce that I quit the showbiz industry and will only act and provide my services for the teaching of Islam through this platform if needed else anything but this InshAllah. Request you all to pray for me and my loved ones.”

Feroze’s decision was met with a lot of appreciation by his fans and followers. In fact many A-Lister from the industry including Hamza Ali Abbasi also supported Feroze for such a bold decision at the peak of his career. However, Fahad Mustafa believes something else when it comes to Feroze Khan quitting showbiz.

Fahad Mustafa Views On Feroze Khan’s Decision

Few days ago Fahad Mustafa appeared in Momin Ali Munshi’s digital talk show. Talking to Momin Ali Munshi, he was asked about his views and thoughts about Feroze quitting showbiz. Keeping a very matter of fact tone, Fahad said, “I think one should give oneself some time. Even if you’ve taken such a decision, one should give some time because if you want to return back some day, it’ll be very difficult.” Adding further he revealed that sometimes he felt the same also, ”I get such thoughts every day but I don’t say anything. Why do we have to say everything on social media? Everyday I think I’ll quit my show, but do I do that? We should always give ourselves some time before taking such a big decision.”

Fahad Mustafa Revealed Reason Behind His Tik-Tok Tweet

Apart from this Fahad Mistafa also revealed what made him hate Tik-Tok. As we know about three months ago the actor turned host Fahad Mustafa took to Twitter to warn parents about the Tik-Tok. Now in same he revealed the reason and though behind his tweet. Narrating an incident he said, “I was shooting for a song and many people gathered because everybody has a camera and they want selfies from the best angle. It’s ok you take selfies with people. But after that, I was dancing on a wall and the camera was moving with me and there were lots of people around 250-300 and I fell.”

He continued, “I tripped and fell on camera and got injured. Although, I gave my shot; I was limping walking back to my vanity and this boy runs up to me and says ‘Fahad Bhai please shoot one Tik-Tok with me’. I was bleeding at that time. Then I thought its an addiction and you can’t figure it out that one person is in pain. What’s the point?”

Adding further the actor said Tik-Tok is wastage of time. “I go out rarely and we were shooting at Frere Hall so after a long time I shot outdoors in Karachi. I witnessed people get ready early in the morning and make Tiktoks whole day. It was a waste of time. I just said this because it is a misuse but I think its a mistake.” The actor turned host recalled that after his tweet many people criticized his game show. “My show is a game show, why are you expecting that? When did I say that I am highly educated and will lecture you about different things? Its a game show and it’s for fun.”

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