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Adnan Malik Starts A Thread With #Coronasilverlinings To Discuss All The Positive Things That Can Help People To Come Out Of Disruption

Does he really need any introduction? Adnan Malik is one of the most desirable men of our showbiz world. Blessed with directorial skills as well as a career in movies, the actor is a class apart and has made us a loyal fan of his work. The director turned actor has been in the limelight following his highly acclaimed performance in Sadqay Tumharay. His flawless acting chops and chemistry with beautiful Mahirah Khan won zillion hearts. This was his first major acting project. Since his debut as an actor, Adnan is some serious eye candy. He has proven his mettle as versatile artist not just as an actor but also as a director and model over the years.

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As we know that the coronavirus pandemic has spread over the world. Due to the dire situation and the desperate circumstance people all around the world have locked down in order to defeat the virus from spreading further. With the death toll rising, an air of depression and gloom hangs in the air. People are generally feeling quite anxious and lost. To beat these gloomy and depressive feelings and to reflect on the positive outcomes, Adnan Malik has begun a trend on Twitter with the hashtag ‘CoronaSilverLinings’. He urges people to share the good things that came out from this time spent at home due to this pandemic. He believes it is time to ‘slow down’ and ‘re-evaluate our choices.’

Adnan Malik Urges Fans To Share Good Things

In his Tweeter statement Adnan Malik wrote, “It’s definitely a triggering time for many of us, but this forced pause in our lives is also a gift; a time to slow down & reevaluate our choices. Let’s start a thread with #coronasilverlinings & discuss all the positive things that are coming out of this disruption.”

After starting the thread he also shared his own reflections with his fans. He wrote, “I for one have started meditating every morning. Every single morning and it really gets me in a really positive state of mind. It’s something I would never have made time for in “normal life”.”

Adding further he stated, “Loving all the community work that’s happening online now- from people using tech to organize rations, to dynamic insta live sessions by people I love to free online yoga & meditation classes, reading initiatives, webinars, house parties! Technology has been a real force for good!”

He continues, “I sit on my terrace and watch the birds all day. I’ve noticed a new species. The Karachi air quality index is lower than 100 after a long time. The sky is blue and the water bluer. Nature feels at peace after a really long time. Helps me read also.”

In another tweet he talks about his friends who are spending time with their kids. “My friends are spending so much more time with their kids. One dear friend told me he doesn’t remember the last time he had 3 meals with his son at home. Also great time for our inner child to hang out with our actual children. (Those who have them). I for one defo feeling 12!”

His fans appreciated his move and also shared some positivity. What do you guys say about the story? Share your views in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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