What If La Casa De Papel Aka Money Heist Made In Pakistan!

One of Netflix’s most successful and talked about shows, La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist has won our hearts owning to unique story-line and concept. From the very first episode of the series, it manages to hold our interest. Undoubtedly, it became an instant hit and turned out a blockbuster. Not only the story-line and concept, but the cast of the web show also made place in zillion hearts via their flawless acting chops. From Professor to Rio, all characters have immense emotions. Specially the performance of Álvaro Morte, His brilliantly and amazingly portray of Professor makes him a strong hero.

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By the picking all his character traits with utmost ease and perfection, he was composed with his acting skills in the whole four seasons. His strong acting kept the plot balanced and managed to hold our interest till the end of the season four leaving us eagerly waiting for the next season. When we come to plot, Money Heist has proven to be a truly fresh and original offering in the genre. The story is centralized around Professor and his gang, who set out to pull off one of the biggest heists ever in Spain. Season four of the TV series, which released two weeks on Netflix, has become one of the highest-rated original shows from the streaming platform. And still it continues to trending top in Pakistan. Created by Álex Pina, all characters have brought their own strong stories with an emotional past.

Urdu Adaptation of Money Heist

There are no limitations imaginations and there are endless possibilities to various things is a thought that fascinate us a lot. Everyone has his/her own humor and imaginative guns blazing blazing for this piece, as we have hit that zone to the maximum for this one. A lot of Pakistani fans will be against this idea but what if this Spanish Money Heist drama is made in Pakistan? What will be the story line and concept? Who will the actors that will play the roles? Well, lets first talk about a change in the concept inspires by Pakistani Drama.

Instead of Male Actor, The Lead Will Be A Female Actor:

As we know that our drama industry prefer to have a female actor for the central role. If there will be a Pakistan version of Money Heist and specially an Urdu TV drama, there would be a female actor who probably play the lead.

Why She Planned The Heist:

Well, this is the second question which comes to our minds that why a good looking to some extent ‘Bechari & Dukhyari’ woman planned a heist. Inspired by many of our drama serials, she planned the heist so that after becoming rich she can take revenge from her husband. Her husband, (the bastard) who left her with allegations of extramarital affair probably with his own cousin to marry a rich wealthy woman.

Another Male Chatter Replaced With A Female Actor:

Well, we think if Money Heist will be a Pakistani drama there will also a change of character in story-line. We are talking about the character of Berlin. As per the original story, the professor and Berlin were brothers. But in a Pakistani spin-off our very own created characters ‘the female professor’ and ‘Berlin’ would be sisters in law. As Our ‘Female’Berlin leaves her brother who betrayed his wife of-course ‘The Professor’. She loves her sister in law and she feels guilty whatever her brother has done to ‘The Professor’.

A Sad And Painful OST:

Last but not least, when we are going to create or even imagining a Urdu Drama how can we forget OST. How a drama which has a female lead as a damsel in distress can be completed without a sad theme song. And we prefer to a have soulful and painful voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. What you say???

Pakistani Version of Money Heist

It’s move on without destroying the story even more Lol… Lets talk about the same story-line with a recasting of Pakistani actors. Still, it’s thrilling to know which Pakistan actors can play these amazing characters in the Urdu drama adaptation if it ever happens. For all of the fans of Money Heist, we have compiled a list of our own! Here’s a list of Pakistani celebrities we’d love to see if Netflix’s Money Heist gets a Pakistani spin-off!

1. Fawad Khan As The Professor
2. Ahad Raza Mir As Rio
3. Iqra Aziz As Tokyo

4. Osman Khalid Butt As Denver

5. Mahira Khan As Nairobi

6. Ahmed Ali Butt As Helsinki

7. Mehwish Hayat As Monica

8. Imran Abbas As Berlin

9. Danish Taimoor As Palermo

10. Sajal Ali As Alicia

11. Ayeza Khan As Lisbon

What do you guys think about this list? Drop your casting list in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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