#ManCrushMonday: Taylor Lautner Is Our Crush This Week Here’s Why!

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A man with striking good looks, tall and muscular posture and an enchanting baritone, Taylor Daniel Lautner popularly known as Taylor Lautner is nothing but a bundle of energy that can sweep you away. His composite personality and versatile acting skills make him a heartthrob. If there is one actor who never disappoints us with his acting skills, it’s Taylor Lautner. Started his acting career by playing bit roles in comedy series such as The Bernie Mac Show (2003) and My Wife and Kids (2004), The boy next door is now a celebrity who sports chiseled abs and muscular body.

From his stellar performances in The Twilight Series where he played Jacob Black with perfection to his leading role of Dr. Cassidy Cascade in the second season of FOX black comedy series Scream Queens, he proved himself as versatile artist. With more than 15 major films and two mega TV shows, Taylor Lautner has come a long way from his Shadow Fury and it’s all thanks to this individual’s relentless hard work. The way he is laddering up in his career speaks itself about the potential that this star has. Whether it was his film debut with Shadow Fury, his films or even his TV shows, the actor has made sure he stays in the news more for his acting prowess and good-looks than controversies.

The World’s Heartthrob Taylor Lautner

Despite his unparalleled acting skills in various hit TV shows and films, the star is known more for his good looks and drool-worthy bod. He’s got talent, he can act, voice over artist and he’s got those innocent eyes and a face to die for. In short, the actor is a complete package, everyone desires for. The handsome lad is drool-worthy with his six-pack abs and well sculpted hot bod! There could hardly be anyone more perfect for Man Crush Monday than Taylor Lautner. Isn’t it? From his soiled chest, sex-appeal and strong arms to his 6-packs abs, he is total hunk.

We all can root the fact that he is one of the most admired and desired men in our showbiz industry. Whether as actor or fashion influencer, he is total perfection with his absolutely 10/10 personality. Here are 10 Reasons that prove why he is current crush of the world.

His Adorable Smile

A man with well sculpted bod and debonair personality alongside an attractive smile make him everyone’s’ dream man. Taylor Lautner is prove of this!!! All he needs to do is flash his million-dollar smile and he has the each and everyone around him fall head over heels for him.

His Beautiful Innocent Eyes

His beautiful dreamy eyes speak thousand of words. The man charm he has, is grabbing the attention of one and all around. Just look at his eyes and you will fall in your knees.

His Style Game

The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of Taylor Lautner is his immaculate style sense and sometimes his cool-dude look. Man of all ages uses to take style notes form this hottie. It is no wonder that he should be nominated as one of the stylish actors in the upcoming awards show.

His Love For Animals

Not only for his acting chops, he is also known for his humble attitude and down to earth personality. He has always been courteous. His affinity for animals is visible from his photos on social media.

His Well-Sculpted Bod

The handsome hunk not only knows how to act or make us laugh. But also very well knows how to impress and woo his fans by flaunting his kick-ass body. From his soiled chest and strong arms to his 6-packs abs, he is total hunk.

Travel Lover

If you follow Taylor Lautner on his social media handles so you know the fact that he is an avid traveler and an adventure junkie. He loves to travel and learn new things making us even more curious about him. Not only this, many times he gave us major vacation goals.

Best Re-Presenter

Having been a name of many brands and poses for many magazines, his ease at the shoots is quite apparent. So one couldn’t help but admire him.

His Attitude

By not caring about what people think, the hottie wears his attitude comfortably and has no air about being a popular actor. He is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. And zillions are learning a thing about self-confidence from him.

A Fitness Freak

He is the one who has been surprising his fans by undergoing dramatic transformation. A fitness freak himself, Taylor Lautner leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness, in real life or even in reel life. The man is not only improving his life and fitness but also motivates others.

His Amazing Role Jacob Black in The Twilight Series

His role as Jacob Black in The Twilight Series has every single girl swooning over him and we can’t help but join the team!

Are you also crushing and drooling on this hottie like us? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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