The Ultimate Guide To Men Grooming: 11 Essential Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money. – Daymond John

Do you think male celebrities look like they were born dapper. They look super handsome and gorgeous all time even in their public appearance because they were handsome by birth. Their hair always on point. Skin always clear and clean. Are they more handsome and dapper men than you? The answer is, of course not. They just spend some of their time in taking care of their skin, hair and body. They know grooming tips that you don’t. Unfortunately many men tend to ignore or pay less attention to grooming. They tend to associate grooming and skin care with women. A lot of men feel it threatens their masculinity or is not that important. Of course it is wrong. Many men think they do not have to do it.

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Absolutely Wrong. May be you are the best dressed man in the town. But what if you smell bad, if you have the dirty long hair coming out of your nose or your hands are rough, sweaty and oily? Does you make a good impression to a woman or anyone you are going to deal with? Definitely, you leave bad impression. If you smell bad or have dirty hair coming out of your nose the shame is on you. Whether it’s bad breath, body small, rough hair or poor hygiene should never put a damper on your ability to fully connect with people.

Men Grooming an Essential Part of Style

Just remember one thing, good grooming is an essential part of style. If you want to feel 100% confident in how you look, smell and feel so you should adopt a grooming routine. If you are well groomed and you are getting close to someone, then that person will find you attractive. The question is how to be a well groomed man? Here are a Simple yet Powerful Guide Of The Best Men Grooming Tips which will help you to make your personality more dapper and gorgeous.

Skin Care

First and most essential part of grooming is, take care of you skin’s health. If you have rough, dull and dirty skin, it will make your whole personality zero. If you want to keep your face looking healthy, fresh, clean and attractive, all you need is a skin care routine. The first and most important step for a healthy skin is washing your face. Try to wash your face in 4-5 times in a day. Wash your face when you get up early in morning, after returning back to your job, before bed or after workout. A routine soap is not enough. You can also use a men’s face wash. Remember one thing, pick a face wash that matches your skin. For example if you have a dry or sensitive skin, you should choose a face wash good for that type of skin.

Moisturize Your Face Skin

To wash your face is not enough for a healthy and fresh skin. Using a moisturizer is second essential part of the grooming routine. After washing your face, apply a face moisturizer will help you to keep it hydrated and protected. Yes, that’s right. If you apply moisturizer on your face, it will fight against environmental aggressors such as sun and pollution. Beside this, it also provide anti aging benefits. Remember also, a hydrated face is a fresh, youthful and charming. But we really & highly recommend for going for quality. If you are using a cheap brand of moisturizer, it can harm your skin. So it is better to just not use a cheap moisturizer.

Use A Face Scrub

Last but not the least when it comes to skin care, use a face scrub twice or thrice a week. A well-chosen scrub is an essential to keep skin in its best condition. Using of scrub is preferable before shaving. As this will helpful in removing dead skin cells on the skin and bring whiskers further to the surface, allowing for a closer shave. You can also use an anti-aging cream If aging is a concern. Apply anti-aging cream every night before bed. Also you can use eye cream if you have dark circles. Because eye cream will help reduce dark circles.

Trim Your Bread Daily

If you have a clean shave so you should shave your face daily or after a day. Always apply some kind of shaving cream. Use a natural shaving cream. A natural men’s shave cream will create a protective cushion between your skin and the razor, providing a smoother shave. Also remember that never shave against the direction of hair growth. Replace your razor or razor bled after 5-7 uses. Apply aftershave when you shaved your skin.

But If you are the proud owner of a beard, trim your bread and mustache daily to stay looking sharp, Because if you don’t trim that bread, there will be a point when your beard starts to be itchy. Most of men do better with a neat bread. To get the right shape, you can use a beard trimmers. Don’t avoid your upper lip hair and neck hair. Trim upper lip hairs that start creeping into the mouth and trim the lower neck hair to avoid chest hair merging with the beard. Cut your bread in all the same length. If you want to keep it soft, apply a high quality beard oil.

Shave/Trim Additional Body Hair

If you want to be more hygienic and look more charming as well, specially when you are shirtless, so remove your additional body hair from your body. Like from your armpits, chest, and on the back. Of course you don’t like to look like a Gorilla. If there is no need to talk about chest hair or back hair removal. So, when it comes to your gentleman’s parts, do yourself a favor and shave it properly. If you remove hair from your gentle parts, it avoid bad smells and the accumulation of dirt and bacteria down there. For the removal of body hair a trimmer is the easiest solution.

Take Cool Shower Daily

Your body like your face skin needs love and care too. The best and easy tip for your body care is, take shower daily or thrice in a week. Take shower consistently to expel soil from your lower neck body. While showering, rub down your entire body with a soapy exfoliating glove to scrub off all of the dead skin that would otherwise eventually turn into a funky smell. Arms, shoulders, back, scrotum and chest are the key areas to focus on. Make sure that you are using a high quality natural soap or a body wash to clean yourself with. Also wash your body with warm water once in a week. But remember don’t take warm water more than 15 minutes. Instead of warm water, you can take sauna. Also you can apply body lotion after shower.

Trim Your Eyebrows

At least once in a month you do need to take a look at your eyebrows. First if you find extra long hair in your eyebrow, all you need is to trim that. Comb up your eyebrows, and trim any long hairs with scissors. Take a set of tweezers to the unruly hairs between your eyebrows and pluck off any strays that are adventuring off towards your forehead. But if your eyebrows look clean and fully separated, then there is no need of trimming.

Banish Your Nose Hair

Well, this is the most important and very useful grooming tip. Stray hairs protruding from nose should be removed immediately. Because nobody finds those dirty hair attractive. If you are tall so it is most essential for you to remove your nose hair. Because people probably look up to you from below. If you have those nose hair, it will make people to ignore your charming smile, which you really don’t wish to. So get rid of it. Same goes for any hairs that are living on the surface of your nose. All you need is a nose hair trimmer.

Remove Ear Hair

Like your nose hair, you should also get rid of your ear hair. Those stray hairs protruding from your ears should also be removed immediately. No one find those hair on ear attractive. Just grab a side mirror and get it close to your ear. So that you can find how these are destroying your charisma. You can use the same nose trimmer to remove hair from you ear.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Do you know girls also notice our hand’s beauty? If you don’t let me allow to tell you that it’s true. I personally faced that. Keep your hands, particularly the fingers nails clean. Trim off or cut your nails once a week. Buff them until they’re shiny, if you want. Preferably, you can cut them off after a bath or shower. If you cut your nail so dirt does not accumulate them. If you have rough, flaky skin around the nail. Treat with a tiny bit of moisturizer every couple of days to smooth things over. After eating make sure to wash your hands. Also manicure is the best option to get beautiful hands.

Keep Feet Clean

A lot of men ignore their feet. Now imagine, you are somewhere and you have to take your shoe off. What if your feet smell and look dirty. So it’s important to clean your feet also. Wash your feet thoroughly, particularity areas between the toes. These areas are prone to gathering bacteria. Regularly moisturize your feet. Regularly trim down your nails with a basic nail clipper. It will improve their condition and keep certain conditions under control. If you have sweaty feet apply some body powder before wearing socks.

Stay charming by grooming yourselves. For more tips keep follow Phupo.

Author: Waqar Ahmed

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