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Ramadan Special: Best Times Of Workout / Exercise During Ramadan (Figure Out What Works Best For You)

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. Ramadan can be challenging for some of us when it comes to fitness regime and workout schedule. But if we plan it accordingly and before it begins, things can pretty much be in place. With the start of the holy month of Ramadan, we tried our best to provide best workout tips and guidelines for our readers. We have covered the topics like 6 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Ramadan, Tips for Workout Or Exercising During The Holy Month of Ramadans and Benefits of Walk Before Breaking Fast Or Iftar. Now, it’s time to sit down while holding a paper to make a workout timetable. As many of us still confused about the best time for workout or exercise during Ramadan? Here we are to tell you the best times of workout. Figure out below what works best for you!

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Before Suhoor

Best time to workout during Ramadan is just before Suhoor. If you are not fussed about having strong sleeping hour so, this will be the most effective and suitable time for exercise or workout. The best tip is to drink a lot of water. Then all you need is just to have wait half an hour before beginning the workout. You can replenish your protein and nutrient levels afterwards as well as being able to drink fluids during workout itself. The workout should be limited to a low-to-medium intensity one in order to prevent muscle loss. The most effective time would be at 3 AM.

Before Iftar

It is always great to get in a workout before Iftar or breaking fast. As it builds up appetite. This is a suitable time for a low-medium intensity workout. Walking and low-medium workout can be good on an empty stomach. Around two to three hours before Iftar is a good time for weight losing and burning fat. However keep in mind your energy level will be low and you can’t drink water while working out or exercising. If you workout before Iftar, make sure to have plenty of fluids the moment you break your fast.

Post Iftar

Around 1-2 hour after Iftar or breaking fast is a good time for workout training. This is another good and effective time for workout. At this time you should do a quick but high intensity workout. But this should only be done after eating a light meal in Iftar. The added benefit of working out 1-2 hours after Iftar is there will have been plenty of time for your evening meals to digest. Another benefit of this time is, you can drink water or workout drinks while training.

After Taraweeh

Last but not the least, another effective time for workout during Ramadan is after Taraweeh. Like Pro-Iftar time, the added benefit of working out after Taraweeh is there will have been plenty of time for your Iftar meals to digest. Also you can drink water or workout drinks while training to prevent dehydration. Working out or exercising at this time can be more favorable. As it is cooler than the day time and your Iftar meals have digested. You are also enough hydrated. And this will still leave you with a couple of hours more sleep until you get up to start the day.

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