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Meet The New Crush In Town Cengiz Coşkun Aka Turgut Alp Who Has Blown Our Minds With His Washboard Abs & Ripped Physique

The Turkish series Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul has become quite popular in Pakistan. Based on the life and times of the 13th-century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader, Ertugrul, the series has taken Pakistan by storm. It has garnered acclaim and top trending spots on YouTube and Twitter. According to the state-run TV channel (PTV), 133.38 million people have so far watched the drama series from April 25- May 14. PTV’s YouTube channel has registered exponential rise in its viewership with 2.1 million subscribers, shattering all previous records. With each passing episode, the series manages to hold our interest owning to strong concept. Apart from all the interesting story-line, the magnificent cast has also kept the audience hooked on to the series. But one character which is garnering more attention and become the talk of the town is Turgut Alp portrayed by Cengiz Coşkun.

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The whole nation hold hearts when this Turkish hottie appears and grinds on screen. And it seems that Pakistani girls have found themselves swooning over his hot looks, drool worthy personality and well sculpted hot bod. He is purely drool-worthy. One look at his him, his body and abs will definitely win your heart. He has an astoundingly lovely height alongside a charming personality. The handsome man mesmerizes one and all with his chilled and rhythmic body. His HOT BOD is to die for. He is one of the talented and bankable actors right now in Turkey.

Cengiz Coşkun Hot Turkish Actor

Image Source: Cengiz Coşkun Social Media Handles

Cengiz Coşkun’s Pakistan New Heartthrob

The Turkish hottie and Pakistan’s current heartthrob is also popular for setting fitness goals. And in order to motivate his fans and draw their attention towards health and fitness, the actor uses to share some photos and videos from his workout sessions on his social media handle. Those drool-worthy photos and videos are making his fans to hit the gym.

Image Source: Cengiz Coşkun Social Media Handles

Cengiz Coşkun’s Inspiration Journey

Born on April 29, 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey, He is a graduate of the Sports Academy. Earned title of Best Model in 2002, since than there’s no looking back for Cengiz Coşkun. With his first appearance as model, Cengiz Coşkun carved his way into modeling world’s town with prestigious campaigns, ads and shoots. Prior to his modeling career, he had been the professional basketball player. After taking modeling world by storm with his good looks, the hot hunk ventured into acting field. He made his professional acting debut in 2005 with TV series Windy Garden. The biggest project in his career was Fetih 1453.

Image Source: Cengiz Coşkun Social Media Handles

His performance as Giovanni Giustiniani in the action film Fetih 1453 earned for him critical and commercial acclaim. His portrayal of Turgut Alp on the popular TV series Dirilis: Ertugrul brought for him international acclaim. He has mesmerized the audience not just by his looks but also by his acting chops. He is a passionate actor, a nature lover, an animal lover, a fitness enthusiast and above all the king of heartthrobs. It’s actually difficult to not get inspired by Cengiz Coşkun. The actor also enjoys massive fan following on social media handles. He owns over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. If you follow him on social media handles, you can’t take your eyes off of him.

Image Source: Cengiz Coşkun Social Media Handles

Cengiz Coşkun The New HOTTIE In Town

Cengiz Coşkun who is quite active on social media doles, out some amazing fitness goals through his pictures and they only raise the temperatures. With his blazing action sequences and rugged looks, the Dirilis: Ertugrul actor is surely soaring the temperature high and is now becoming the talk of the town. By simply posting pictures and videos that BLOW our minds and make us want to forgive him for his relationship status. He has everyone drooling over him for his hot bod and tempting looks. The actor uses to show off his chiseled body and we can’t resist but stare at his muscular abs. Well, Cengiz Coşkun’s chiseled bod, sex-appeal and hot look has landed him in to our Man Crush Monday column this week. Here are some Cengiz Coşkun which you can’t help but drool.

Cengiz Coşkun True Definition of Hottie

While we have seen Cengiz Coşkun happily flaunting his chiseled frame time and again on social media. We must say his hot photos chilling and sunbathing by the beach or posing shirtless for a photo shoot are too hot to ignore. With talent, looks, charm, chiseled bod, drool-worthy personality and the hunger for excellence, his success story is that of someone whose passion becomes their profession and then there’s no looking back. He knows how to scorch even the coldest of the hearts with just one deep and hypnotic stare. The actor is setting many hearts racing with hot photos of him. Not only his hot bod, but his smile is as sexy as his ripped abs.

Well, he has just lit up our Monday, does not he? And We are absolutely crushing over this lad. Are you? Let us know in the comment section below. For more fun keep follow Phupo.

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