11 Reasons Why Our Love For Turkish Hunk Yusuf Çim Is Everlasting!

The handsome and extremely attracting, Yusuf Çim is Turkey’s quintessential chocolate boy who has bowled us over with his impish charm, smart persona and impeccable acting chops on small and silver screens. Apart from his phenomenal acting skills, the hot lad is most loved by his fans for his sexy smart looks and dapper personality. The hot lad exudes a boy-next-door charisma with his sparkling smile, while also sending us into an ovary-exploding tizzy with his sexy-ripped physique. Not only as actor, he also has made his ways into the hearts of zillions via his melodious voice and modeling campaigns. Needless to say, Yusuf Çim has more of a female fan following than male but surely he is an extremely adorable actor that has his place in hearts of all.

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Going from strength to strength, Yusuf Çim has managed to carve his niche in almost all facets of the media. And it seems there is no stopping this diverse superstar any time soon. The world just loves to love him and we too. From being a chocolate boy to being a hot handsome lad, the 28 years old actor never fails to make us drool – time and again. The debonair man has everyone’s hearts beating for him. The actor has done many of television shows and films too. He is growing in his career with grace. His performances in Ezra, Çilek Kokusu, Bana Bir Aşk Şarkısı Söyle proved his credibility in every genre and proved himself a versatile artist. Admit it, you too have a bit of, if not a thumping crush on Turkish heartthrob Yusuf Çim.

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11 Reasons Why We Love Yusuf Çim

The whole nation hold hearts when this Turkish hottie appears and grinds on screens. He is purely drool-worthy. One look at him, his cute smile alongside too hard to handle sex-appeal, hot bod and abs will definitely win your heart. So here are 11 reasons why we love Yusuf Çim.

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1- There could only be a few who are just that brilliant, and now, proving that is the multifaceted jack of all trades, Yusuf Çim! The multitalented beautiful man has exceptional achievements in nearly every aspect of life. You might recall this sexily debonair jack of all trades from a music concert, a TV show or a film, a modeling campaign or photo-shoot, this man is literally everywhere!

Yusuf Çim - Jake of all trades

2- He is a self made actor. The world’s desirable man started his career as young man at the age of 23 as model. It did not take long for him to garner the attention of one and all around. He made a name for himself on his own. This man is an inspiration for those who think only people already involved or who have a background in the entertainment industry can achieve their big dreams related to this field.

Yusuf Çim - A Self Made Actor

3- Yusuf Çim has a mesmerizing million-dollars smile that reaches his eyes which can make anyone swoon. He has that perfect smile which has equal parts of naughtiness and innocence. Beside his cute smile, his twinkling eyes make you skip a beat, every single time. You wish you could catch him staring at you with his twinkling dreamy eyes in real life. Move over, chocolate-boy. The hottie is here to stay.

Yusuf Çim cute smile

4- The man of today is not cute or macho or defined in neat little boxes, the man of today is comfortable in his surroundings wears his clothes like his personality and has an air of disdain. Yusuf Çim is the man of today. He has been a very charming actor and has never been out of style. The actor is always on point when it comes to fashion outings.

Yusuf Çim Fashion Goals

5- Undoubtedly, Yusuf Çim is damn good looking. He is young and hot, with a magnetic charisma and easy going candour that sets him apart from the rest. Beside being most stylish man in the industry, he is one of the most handsome men. His cute chocolate boy look made our hearts melt since the beginning of his career. He simply gives out good vibes and before you know it, you’ve effortlessly fallen for him.

Yusuf Çim Good Looking

6- The handsome man mesmerizes one and all with his chilled ripped and rhythmic body. His HOT BOD is to die for. He has never failed to amaze everyone with his OH-SO-HOT physique. He is a fitness maniac. Be it those killer abs or the bare chest, he is just drool-worthy.

Yusuf Çim Hot Body

7- There are actors, and then, there are stars. Yusuf Çim has always had an edge above other actors. He was born to be a superstar. The dapper and debonair actor has proved himself as versatile actor by portraying different genres. He gets into the skin of the character and plays each role with full conviction.

Yusuf Çim Super Actor

8- Yusuf Çim wears his attitude comfortably. He doesn’t care what people think; he is only concerned about being comfortable in his own skin all the time. And his self confidence translates into eye-popping sex appeal on screen. In 2016, he became the advertising face of the Loft brand, and had previously been included in the catalog shoot of the same brand.

Yusuf Çim wears attitude comfortably

9- One can totally vouch that he is indeed a very hot fellow. He knows how to scorch even the coldest of the hearts with just one deep and hypnotic stare. Give me a man who can flaunt his sex-appeal beautifully more than him. And also not forget to is his adorable cute smile which can make your day brighter.

Yusuf Çim sex-appeal

10- Looking hot, charming, debonair and adorable, be it bare-body or suited up, is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it’s a cakewalk for this Turkish Man. By not caring about what people think, the hottie wears his attitude comfortably and has no air about being a popular actor. He is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. This is what makes him more desirable.

11- Not only for his acting chops, he is also known for his humble attitude and down to earth personality. He has always been courteous. His affinity for animals is visible from his photos on social media. Yusuf Çim has also taken part in a number of charitable activities. With the help of the Down Syndrome Association, he created a project titled “Don’t Forget This Year!” to help children suffering from Down Syndrome.

Yusuf Çim Inspirational Journey

Let’s have a brief look at Yusuf Cim inspirational journey. After the Best Model of Turkey 2011 competition, Yusuf Çim appeared in many fashion shows. He has also walked on the podium for well-known brands like Damat, Kiğili, Tween, Ralph Lauren, Hatemoğlu, Polo, Mango, Marks & Spencer. After taking ramp on fire, he stepped into music world. In August 2013, Yusuf Çim began his music career with his EP album Olsun Bi Kere. The album features 4 different versions of the same song.

After making his music debut, he moved to TV. His first role was on the TV series Ezra where he portrayed the role of Superintendent Mustafa. He then appeared in Çilek Kokusu opposite Demet Özdemir in which he portrayed the character of “Burak Mazharoğlu”. He starred in another series Hanım Köylü, In said series, he played opposite Gülsim İlhan Ali. Craving his niche as versatile artist on small screens, he continued to win hearts on silver screens.

Along with the debonair personality, hot body, attractive smile, cute dimples, beautiful eyes and good-looks, he has talent and skills added on to the entire package. He is the perfect gentleman, the sort of whom the world needs in abundance. And if we talk about his journey as an actor, so he has truly been an inspiring one! In his career, with some outstanding performances he has made it clear that he is in the showbiz business to stay! What do you guys say about the handsome hunk. Let us know in the comment section below. For more fun keep follow Phupo.

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