Sıcak Türk Aktörler: Meet The Top 11 Turkish Actors Who Made Us Swoon Our Them With Their Hot Bods & Smart Persona

Turkish Actors are popular all around the world and call by the fans as the most handsome and sexiest men. They have enough ability to steal your hearts with their hot looks. Their charisma, sex appeal and drool worthy personalities have made their ways into zillions hearts and gained for them huge fan following. That is one of the reasons we love Turkey. As apart from good tourism destination, the country has given us something else to hold close to our hearts. Very, very much close. And that is Turkish hot men. Ladies and gentlemen gaze upon these sexily gorgeous looking men with equal awe.

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No one can ignore their limitless sex-appeal. From their perfectly gelled hair, rock hard biceps, strong chest to perfectly chiseled midriff & not to mention their unbearable sex appeals, they are just too hot to handle. Everything about these metrosexual stars is flawlessly designed to seduce your senses. These are the cream of the crop who prove that along with having sizzling looks, they also have an acting repertoire that is enviable for those in the industry whose acting range is as good as a tube light.

All we need to do is look at our Türk media industry and we can really be proud of the fact that there are so many names to swoon over. So here they are, just some of the fine yet hottest Turkish men (we can’t help but drool), in recent times. You’re welcome.

1. Can Yaman

The ‘Sexiest Lawyer’ with a drool-worthy hot physique turned actor, Can Yaman has a surefire way of being in the news thanks to all the things wholesome that he does. The Lawyer turned model and actor with his well-chiseled bod is making everyone go weak to the knees. Be it with his gorgeous look, his good acting skills or with the thirsty pictures he keeps posting on his social media handles; he has even made a mark as hot yet cute boy. And girls all around the world are already gaga over his cute smile & hot look which is a deadly combination.

2. Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin Man Crush Monday

kerem bursin hot crush in town (3)

Kerem Bursin is one of those good looking men who made us go crazy for him ever since he debuted in Industry. His charisma, debonair personality, lean bod, cute face features alongside that humble attitude makes him most desirable man. He is purely a drool-worthy and super freaky hot. The heartthrob of young generation, his sharp features and gorgeous look make him stand apart from his contemporaries. The hot hunk is a world icon at this point and there’s nothing left to write about him because almost everyone in the world has covered him and swooned over him.

3. Serkan Çayoğlu

With his killing attitude and a glint in his eyes, Serkan Çayoğlu can make anyone fell head over heels in love with him. We, along with his countless fans can’t stop loving Serkan for his great personality and equally sizzling looks! He is just too hot and cute at the same time, and we love this rare combination. And surely he is giving many a tough competition. He’s the perfect ‘boy-next-door with a hidden secret’ type, and that just gives him the appeal we all die for! His flawless performances have done wonders since he began his career. And in very short span of time he created a niche for himself in the industry. If we describe his journey in three words, so it may be, He came, performed and he conquered.

4. Burak Deniz

Does he need any introduction? His hot chiseled bod, his action sequence and his angry looks have all make him look like he is the brand ambassador of all the gyms in Turkey. Undoubtedly, Burak Deniz is already an eye candy for zillions. He has an international look, a brain that is a liberal paradise, and acting skills that are just awe-inspiring! Those abs, the sex-appeal and the rest of his Instagram aesthetics has us drooling and craving for much, much more. He is a complete package and we bet you’d never feel bored, if you ever get his company.

5. Ekin Mert Daymaz

Be it Ekin Mert Daymaz’s acting chops, editorial or runway, his charisma or chocolate boy looks girls are crazy over him. His ability to adapt to either editorial or runway craved a niche for himself in the industry. After taking modelling world by storm, he stepped into acting world and became a household name. He has shown us his acting prowess and his dynamism speaks for itself. He knows how to scorch even the coldest of the hearts with just one deep and hypnotic stare. And that’s why he’s surely a world’s favorite.

6. Burak Özçivit

Kuruluş Osman (95)

Burak Özçivit, the Turkish heartthrob, with his commendable acting chops, charming persona, numerous TV shows and a handful of silver screen projects, has definitely managed to make an international impact. His flawless performance on small and silver screens with perfection gained for him critical and commercial acclaim. If you mention the name Burak Özçivit amongst 10 women, in all possibility, 10 of them will stop and pay attention. Burak is shining example of good looks, humble attitude, amazing acting chops, and a body to die for! He is the hero his fans can’t stop swooning over and we too!

7. Cengiz Coşkun

Cengiz Coşkun is no stranger to the limelight. The sexier man has ruled the industry since he stepped into the entertainment world. It did not take long for him to garner the attention of one and all around. Cengiz was one of the first to bring the muscular male actor back into the spotlight. He has sizzling looks, has strong acting skills, and he has the perfect family – what else can be said about Cengiz Coşkun? One look at him, his body and abs that will definitely win your heart.

8. Yusuf Çim

With his debonair personality, charming looks and immense talent, he is a storehouse of talent. A quintessential good looking boy in every way, Yusuf Çim is a package of good looks and great acting skills in one. The hot lad exudes a boy-next-door charisma with his sparkling smile, while also sending us into an ovary-exploding tizzy with his sexy-ripped physique. Not only as actor, he also has made his ways into the hearts of zillions via his melodious voice and modeling campaigns.

9. Furkan Palalı

Furkan Palalı is famous to ladies mostly because of his dapper persona, charisma and beautiful face. He is definitely a hottie who can pull off any look in editorials and play any emotion for the TV screen! A gentleman with the stunning and decent combination in his features has provided distinctiveness as observed in Furkan. He’s a burst of energy and he has alarmingly good looking apart from being really talented actor. Adding onto that, he has a body he doesn’t shy away from showing and that just makes him as desirable as his fans want him to be.

10. Berk Oktay


The hunk has a body to die for. He doesn’t only know how to actor or pose for an editorial, but also knows how to make us woo & wow by flaunting his kick-ass body. With his modelling days and his acting stints proving that he’s a jack of all trades, Berk Oktay has time and again shown how good he is in front of the camera and on TV screens.

11. Berk Atan

The cutely hot, Berk Atan, in so many ways is the quintessential good looking hero we need. The moment he used to work-out on screen the girls would just drool to have a look at his body. This man of few words was outstanding when it came to his physique, the bare body look, the innocence in his eye. And we love him for that.

Which one is your favorite from the list? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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