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Forget Your Other Crushes, Here’s Eugenio Siller Aka Chema Of ‘Who Killed Sara’, Who With His Droolworthy & Well Sculpted Body Will Make You Fall In Love!

With intriguing storyline and mind-bending mystery, Netflix New Series Who Killed Sara aka ¿Quién mató a Sara? holds the interest of the audience and they can’t wait for the second season. The series introduced bunch of hot Mexican Actors and one of them is, the most sexiest Eugenio Siller. Stardom and fame came suddenly for this hottie when the series hit the screens. Eugenio Siller portrayed the role of Chema in the series with absolute perfection. His phenomenal acting chops, hot look, well sculpted body and sex appeal gained for him international acclaim and made his ways into the hearts of zillion. Undeniably, he is the most desirable from the very first day Netflix released the series. By picking all his character traits with utmost ease and perfection, he was composed with his acting skills in the whole show.

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Eugenio Siller has exceptional achievements in nearly every aspect of life. This sexily debonair gentleman is just a jack of all trades. You might recall him from a music concert, a TV show or a film, a modeling campaign or photo-shoot, this man is literally everywhere! He’s suave, sophisticated, and an ultimate charmer in front of the camera, truly making him one in a million.

Eugenio Siller’s Brief Biography

Born on April 5, 1981, Eugenio Siller Margain started his career as a singer in 1998. After that he enrolled in the prestigious CEA acting school in Mexico. He begun his acting career with the role of Luciano on the hit Spanish-language soap opera Rebelde (Rebel). He followed this success with the role of blind man Rafael on Codigo Postal (Postal Code). After that there was no looking back for him. He is best known for starring in popular novelas Rebelde, Código Postal, Al Diablo con los Guapos, Mi pecado, Aurora, Una Maid en Manhattan, ¿Quién es quién?” and Reina de Corazones.

Why We Love Eugenio Siller

His acting skills have been able to leave mark on the audiences. After all, not just anyone could impress an audience of millions who always keep an eye out for uniqueness and mastery of talent. Going from strength to strength, Eugenio Siller has managed to carve his niche in almost all facets of the media, and it seems there is no stopping this diverse superstar any time soon. From his love for traveling & exploring to his hot chiseled body, his fans go gaga over everything this hot hunk does. To top it all, the singer turned actor has a heart of gold which makes him even more lovable. There could only be a few who are just that brilliant, and now, proving that is the multifaceted jack of all trades, Eugenio Siller.

1. Eugenio Siller’s Acting Chops

Always wanted to be an actor, he devoted a lot of time and energy to honing his skills while learning acting at Centro de Educación Artística in Mexico. Even after graduating, however, Eugenio has continued to further his education. Always looking for ways to grow and improve, he has proven he’s a tour de force time and again. His choice of projects speaks volumes about this. Instead of playing it safe and sticking to the same kind of roles, Eugenio Siller took to experimenting and we must say, he did a fine job with each and every project. Also the love fans have given his versatility in acting that proves he’s a bravura skilled actor.

2. Eugenio Siller’s Love For Fitness & His Well Sculpted Body

Apart from his acting chops many are literally captivated by the kind of physical transformation that Eugenio Siller has made. He’s definitely someone we know loves the gym and has the bodacious bod to prove it. A fitness freak, Eugenio’s body can make anyone go weak in the knees. He has a passion when it comes to fitness. Off-camera also, the handsome man mesmerizes one and all with his chilled ripped and rhythmic body. His HOT BOD is to die for. He has never failed to amaze everyone with his OH-SO-HOT physique. Be it those killer abs or the bare stong chest, he is just drool-worthy.

3. Eugenio Siller’s Style Statement

The man of today is not cute or macho or defined in neat little boxes, the man of today is comfortable in his surroundings wears his clothes like his personality and has an air of disdain. Eugenio Siller is the man of today. He has been a very charming actor and has never been out of style. The actor is always on point when it comes to fashion outings. From his perfectly tailored suits to his beach wears, he is a true believer of the ‘wear what you feel comfortable in’. Be it any occasion, vacations or while on holidays, his style quotient is off the charts. He’s a sartorial king and we can’t stop adoring that.

4. Eugenio Siller’s Adorable Smile To Die For

A self-made actor & singer, Eugenio Siller has a mesmerizing million-dollars smile that reaches his eyes which can make anyone swoon. When he flashes his million dollar smile with his chiseled grin, he makes everyone go powerless. This handsome hunk makes everybody dribble over his adorable smile and great body as well. Apart from his cute smile, his twinkling eyes make your hart skip a beat, every single time. You wish you could catch him staring at you with his twinkling dreamy eyes in real life.

5. Eugenio Siller’s Love For Travel & His Wanderlust

If you follow him on social media, you already know that he is a travel junkie and love to explore. More of that, he loves to love beach and very often spend his time while enjoying sun-baths on the beach. He makes us fall in love with every place he goes to because he can’t stop but show us a part of his life when he travels. Besides all these, what makes him different as a traveler is, every time when he goes out he also drops major travel style goals.

6. Eugenio Siller’s Humble Attitude

Undeniably, he is the most successful Actor yet he is not bigheaded. He has always maintained a good link with other co-stars. Extremely polite and soft spoken, he has definitely not let his stardom get to his head. His fan base isn’t just stuck to a particular age group. From kids, youngsters to even oldies; everybody loves him. We can’t stop gushing over his charm. And well, we have seen it with our eyes on multiple occasions.

7. Eugenio Siller Indeed A Hot Follow

One can totally vouch that he is indeed a very hot fellow. He knows how to scorch even the coldest of the hearts with just one deep and hypnotic stare. Give me a man who can flaunt his sex-appeal beautifully more than him. By not caring about what people think, the hottie wears his attitude comfortably and has no air about being a popular actor. He is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. This is what makes him more desirable.

The charisma he has, is grabbing the attention of one and all around. He is the hero we need to crush on him every day. At times it’s his chocolate boy looks, sometimes it’s his hot sculpted bod and at other times it may just be his innocent eyes, which makes us drool. He will possibly stay in our hearts for a long, long time. To treat you and make you drool over his hot persona, here we have some more photos of Eugenio Siller.

Well, we can’t help but drool over his hot bod and charming personality. Are you guys drooling over this hottie like us? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.

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