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Man Crush Thursday: Murat Boz Who Dons Many Hats With His Smart Persona Will Give You Dose Of Dopamine If You Are Having A Dull Day!

Despite being an attractive destination for travel lovers, one thing we most love about Turkey is, it has the MEN we desire for. Master of all trades, Murat Boz is one of the Turk Men possessing and acing many talents. The multi skilled singer and song writer is best popular for his hot physique and also has made mark as an actor on dramas and films. He is an actor who can carry off different genres of roles with ease. The singer turned actor who rose to stardom on silver screen with Hadi İnşallah and continued to spread his charm with Kardeşim Benim is also popular for his attractive looks and chiseled yet sexy body. From singing to lyrics writing and acting to taking up his responsibility as a hot hunk to make us drool, he covers them all with perfection.

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Undeniably, Murat Biz is Turk’s current and most favorite, a singer who can carry off different genres of music and an actor who can pull of any character like pro. He has been undoubtedly touted as one of the most handsome faces of acting and music industry. Also his stunning hot stubble and extremely charming personality makes up for a complete package. At times it’s his boyish charm, sometimes it’s his adorable smile and at other times it may just be his washboard abs, which makes his fans drool.

Murat Boz’s Inspirational Journey

Born 7 March 1980, He started his career as a backing vocalist for Tarkan during his studies at the Istanbul Technical University. In 2006, Murat Boz started his solo career by releasing his first single, “Aşkı Bulamam Ben”. His single debut took the industry by storm and there was no looking back for him. His musical journey brought him international acclaim and recognition. In following year, he release his first studio album titled Maximum. The album turned a commercial hit with sale of numerous copies and earned him multiple awards. Apart from commercial success, his debut album got critical acclaim, publicized on major music channels. In a very short span of time, he became household name and gained a huge fan following. With a natural ability to perform and entertain, his live performances are a symbol of his charismatic appearance that continues to win hearts world-widely.

His ability to adapt and mould into any genre of music is unique and matchless. With a soulful voice and a humble attitude, he continues to behave as a regular guy off stage and an ultimate ROCKSTAR on stage. After that he continued to release hit albums including Şans (2009), Aşklarım Büyük Benden (2011), and Janti (2016). Numerous songs from these albums including “Maximum”, “Uçurum”, “Para Yok”, “Özledim”, “Sallana Sallana” and “Adını Bilen Yazsın” were among the top-five hits on Türkçe Top 20, and “Geri Dönüş Olsa”, “Kalamam Arkadaş” and “Janti” were the number-one singles on the list.

Murat Boz – The Jack of All Trades

Later winning many hearts with his power vocal, Murat Boz moved to conquer the kingdom of silver screen and once again he won. In 2014, He made his acting debut by starring in the movie Hadi İnşallah. Later, he appeared in Kardeşim Benim (2016), Dönerse Senindir (2016) and Öldür Beni Sevgilim (2019) as leading actor. One of his most successful film was Kardesim Benim which also stars Turkish most popular TV and Film Burak Özçivit alongside Turkish Diva Asli Enver.

Murat Boz – The Charmer

Beside his inspirational journey, he has a look and personality to die for. Undoubtedly and undeniably, Murat Boz is getting sexier by the day. Be it his flawless hot body, or his stellar performances on silver screens or appearing as judge on singing shows, or how he flaunts his body for photoshoots and never misses to treat his fans on social media handle, Murat Boz is a man after our own hearts. With his ‘boy next door’ looks, he actually has captivated the hearts of his fans and yes, there’s a permanent place for him in our hearts. When it comes to fashion, his social media feeds are all about his simple yet tasteful sense of fashion, dapper outfits and so on. He manages to make his look be simple and effortless.

Well, the handsome Turk singer turned actor left us thirsty with his charisma. Here are some of the hot photos of Murt Boz which will make you go week to your knees.

Murat Boz knows the right trick to win people’s heart. With his ripped physique, innocent smile and smart persona, Murat Boz can instantly induce envy in the most good-looking of stars. He is unique, unconventional and trendy. The singer turned actor, with his hot body, makes women go weak in their knees. And his on-screen style, humble attitude and obviously his toned body is just an addition to it. Are you crushing over this hot hunk like us? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates keep follow Phupo.


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