Mohsin Abbas Haider is world-widely popular for his salt pepper look. Undoubtedly, he is one hard working actor and that reflects in his work and body as well.

Celebrity fitness trainer, Anas Shahid is one of the most desired and loved men on social media. The young man has a body and look that can make

Farhan Malhi who has made a place in the hearts of more than a zillion fans through his dramas which includes the recent Piya Naam Ka Diya seems

When he appeared on TV screens, all eyes automatically seek him. His charm and wit can floor anyone. Aura of a prince, debonair looks and a charm that

Anwaar Khawar is a news anchor of Neo Network Pakistan TV and is a professional male fashion model who has managed to hold huge fan following. His modeling

Have you ever thing about a guy with cute smile, beautiful eyes, fairly enough, charming personality with well chiseled hot physique? Lets meet Syed Akbar Naqi. The young

Omer Shahzad is busy man these days and also celebrating the success of his recently on-air drama Gul-o-Gulzar. Which is doing very well on TRP Chats and gaining

The handsome and most good looking Omer Chaudhary is one of the most loved fitness model and fitness athletes. Who manages to gain huge fan following because of his

Syed Yasir Shah best known as Yasir Shah, has made place in hearts of more than zillion fans through his Indian debut serial ‘Khwaish’. And continued to win